The Brother Essence Innov-is VE2300 Embroidery Only Machine is a machine that is sold by Echidna Sewing in New Zealand.  

You can find out more about this machine and the awesome specials that Echidna Sewing currently has running on the Echidna Website here and keep reading below for more information about why I love this machine!

What is an embroidery only machine?

An embroidery only machine is for machine embroidery only.  The benefit of having a separate embroidery machine is  that you can continue to work on your sewing projects on a separate machine while your embroidery designs are stitching out.  If you’re in the market for a new sewing and embroidery machine, buying a separate embroidery only machine can also leave you with a really nice budget to invest in a great separate sewing machine.

You can view all of the Brother NZ sewing, embroidery and combination machines available through Echidna Sewing here.

What is so cool about this machine?

1.  Big Max Embroidery Area

By now we all know that size really does matter when it comes to embroidery machine hoop sizes – especially if you started out with a 10x10cm (4x4inch) hoop size.  This machine has an amazing 20x30cm (8x12inch) hoop size which is the perfect size for most larger projects.  It’s the perfect size for embroidering on the back of a hoodie, t-shirt or sweatshirt and ideal for those larger ITH (in the hoop) projects that would otherwise take multiple hoopings.

2.  V-Sonic Pen For Embroidery Positioning

The Ultrasonic sensing technology helps you position your embroidery designs on your fabric – if you’ve rehooped something more than twice to get it positioned right in the hoop you’ll know how awesome this pen is before you even look at it!

But if you haven’t seen this in action before check it out Gary’s demonstration of it here.

3.  Great Price Point

The Brother VE2300 has a really great price point, if you consider the incredible addition of features this machine has compared the models in the price points slightly below.

If you’re more of a visual person, have a look at these great informative videos Gary at Echidna made showing the features of the VE2300.

What can you make with this machine?

Who is this machine ideal for?

This is the perfect machine for you if you’re a new embroiderer looking for your first machine (or second if you’re started with a small hoop you’ve already outgrown) and want a machine you can grow with and help you create amazing larger projects.

It’s also perfect if you’re already a sewer looking to add embroidery to your work as you can leave the machine to embroider while you continue to sew on your sewing machine.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about this machine and the awesome special that Echidna Sewing currently has running on the Echidna Website here.  

You can also get in touch with me, Mandy Chamberlin.  I’m Echidna Sewings NZ Manager and I have a demo VE2300 on hand in my studio in Auckland and can answer any questions you may have about this or any of the other Brother NZ machines available.