The Fun Place for Everything Embroidery!

Hi I’m Mandy (I run the NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts community so that’s a totally appropriate introduction right?)

My passion for embroidery is something I’ve nurtured over the last few years but my love for inspiring and encouraging others is something I’ve been doing my whole life. I truly believe every person and situation in life teaches you something and we are all on a lifelong journey of learning. 

I started the NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts Facebook Group in July 2017, when I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter Ariel “the mermaid” (her name is actually Ariel after the mermaid, it’s become such an affectionate habit to introduce her like this).

Being pregnant with Ariel gave me a massive craving for spicy food and a longing to connect with other embroiderers in NZ!  I searched high and low, online, offline in my sewing room cupboards (lol not actually but really random things hide there!) and I couldn’t find any communities in NZ dedicated to bringing NZ Machine Embroiderers together – so I decided to create one!

And NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts was born!

Over time, the community has grown from being completely online to occasionally offline and it’s taken on a life of it’s own!

Now, it’s the fun place for everything embroidery!

I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about machine embroidery because we are all constantly on a learning journey, but I do love to share the knowledge and experience I have, and use it to inspire others to get their embroidery machines out of their boxes, use their machines in a way that brings them joy and connect with others in a meaningful way.

    The NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts Community is all about:


    Sharing projects and ideas of fun ways to use your embroidery machine.


    Helping each other have fun using their machines by sharing knowledge and helping others overcome common embroidery related obstacles.


    Connecting NZ Machine Embroiderers with each other both online and offline.