Helping you bring your designs to life with embroidery!

Veronica and Me Embroidery is the business that drives my creative side where I’m all about converting your pictures into embroidery stitches!  

Through this business I create embroidery designs to sell and I offer embroidery digitizing services to other embroiderers around the world. 

I have a shop of premade digital download designs which anyone with an embroidery machine of their own can purchase and use to create their own unique items.  I also offer services where other embroiders can get their own unique images created into an embroidery design – this is called Embroidery Digitizing.

I started Veronica and Me Embroidery and Designs in 2015 just after the birth of my first daughter, Veronica.  What was meant to be a “mommy and daughter outfit” business quickly evolved in customized embroidery and embroidery digitizing business.

These days I offer a wide range of embroidery related services focusing on one of a kind, unique items that you can’t get anywhere else.  

With my knowledge of people and embroidery, my focus is on providing the best quality and customer service to my customers.

    My embroidery digitizing services are ideal for:

    Embroidery Business Owners

    Embroiderers with their own businesses who just don’t have the time to digitise their own designs.

    Product Designers

    Product designers with their own embroidery machine who want to create a unique point of difference for their products.

    Personal Embroidery Projects

    Quilters, sewers and crafters who want to add a personal message, or personalised quilt label to their projects.

    Something Special

    Anyone looking for something truly unique or customised design for a gift or special project.

    View some examples of my embroidery work below: