Helping you bring your designs to life with embroidery!

Veronica and Me Embroidery is the business that drives my creative side where I’m all about converting your pictures into embroidery stitches!  

I offer local Embroidery Services where I provide embroidery services to New Zealand based customers.  I can do everything from the graphic design side of things to the creation of the embroidery design and the embroidery services.  This is a really a unique service for those who don’t want an off the shelf item.

I started Veronica and Me Embroidery and Designs in 2015 just after the birth of my first daughter, Veronica.  What was meant to be a “mommy and daughter outfit” business quickly evolved in customized embroidery and embroidery digitizing business. 

These days my focus is on helping those who want a few unique items without any minimum order quantities and those looking to support the local economy by keeping their embroidery manufacturing within NZ. I offer a wide range of embroidery related services focusing on one of a kind, unique items that you can’t get anywhere else.  

With my specialised knowledge of people and embroidery, my focus is on providing the best quality products and customer service to my customers. 

    My personalised embroidery services are ideal for:

    SME Businesses

    Small to medium sized businesses who want a few branded items for their staff or as corporate gifts (clothing, bags, hats, etc).

    Embroidery is also perfect for small businesses who want to add something unique to their own items that they sell (such as names on soft toys).

    Fashion Designers

    Fashion or Product Designers who want a unique artistic product made in NZ – either one offs or small quantities (e.g. embroidered patches – also look at the section on HeartSpeak for more examples).


    Brides and others involved in weddings who want personalised keepsake items for their special day (such as embroidered keepsake handkerchiefs, embroidered robes, embroidered tie notes).

    Something Special

    Anyone looking for something truly unique or customised for a gift or special project.


    HeartSpeak is a storytelling through fashion brand started by Amanda Betts, where you create your own jacket, bag, tea towel or other fabric item using a collection of pieces which you put together to tell your story.  I am the embroiderer for the brand which has taken me on a really fun, creative path through the world of fashion.

    Heart Speak represents customised clothing items which tell a story.  Each piece is unique and tells you about it where it has come from, where it is going and all of the values and core beliefs that will follow it along the way.

    Heart Speak customised clothing and workshops were created from the idea that we can communicate through creativity and express ourselves through our clothing, confidence and passions.

    The Heart Speak brand was created by Amanda Betts, ex co-founder of Red11 Models, Ryan Meta, co-creator of Bridge The Gap Project, Sera Mitchinson, designer of her self-titled brand and myself, Mandy Chamberlin of Veronica and Me Designs.

    Together, along with many others, have become the Heart Speak Collective #heartspeakpiecemakers and have created many amazing customised pieces which were all made from the heart with each of our creativity intertwined.

    It has been a truly amazing experience to be part of this collective of creative, inspired individuals.  The Heart Speak Collective are an integral part of The Bridge the Gap Project which is setting out to empower young people through creativity to help them tell their stories and find their voice.  By coming together and collaboratively sharing our skills and knowledge we are helping young people unleash their potential by finding their passion, building their confidence, increasing their skills and attracting great life opportunities through various personal development programmes and activities.

    Through Veronica and Me Designs, I have been a proud Heart Speak Piece Maker and contributor to the Bridge The Gap Project since 2016.  I have enjoyed sharing my passion for embroidery and being given freedom to create one of a kind patches, embroidery designs, embroidered slogans and much more!  It has also been so much fun working with other people’s ideas, creating their unique hand drawn designs or watching mixture of ideas come to life with embroidery thread.

    I have also had the opportunity to work with some amazing creative people who have their own ideas but share a passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces which speak from the heart 💛

    If you are keen to learn more about the work we are doing and/or are keen to have your own customised piece made for you, follow me on social media or get in touch using the contact form below.


    View some examples of my embroidery work below: