Connecting NZ Machine Embroiderers with Quality Supplies and Embroidery Machines

If you’ve reached this page you’re likely looking for embroidery supplies in New Zealand such as embroidery machines, embroidery thread, stabilizer, embroidery software, more time to craft… well you’re in luck!  

I’m the NZ Manager for Echidna in New Zealand based in Auckland and I can help connect you with the best sewing and embroidery supplies to suit your needs!  Well, I can’t help with the time thing, but we’re all in that boat together! 😜

About Echidna Sewing

If you’ve never heard of Echidna Sewing before, you may be wondering who and what Echidna is and how you found yourself on this page about some animal who embroiders – hey, it’s not impossible, we all find ourselves watching cats doing weird things on YouTube from time to time!

Well yes firstly, an Echidna is a kind of Australian animal but Echidna Sewing is a sewing and embroidery supply retailer based in Australia and now ALSO IN NEW ZEALAND (we’ll come back to this later) is one of the largest suppliers of Brother Sewing and Embroidery machines in Australia and now also a supplier of Brother NZ Sewing and Embroidery machines.

Echidna Sewing started in the early 1990’s when Gary Walker, the founder and still the owner, a sewing machine mechanic who owned a successful sewing machine sales and service centre in Brisbane made a life-changing decision to spend all his money investing in an idea to help make using home embroidery machines easier. After a couple of years of hard work and lots of travel back and forth to the USA, it all paid off and Echidna Sewing became a leading innovator and supplier for the home sewing and embroidery market.

Echidna Sewing has always shipped supplies to NZ customers who order online but until recently, their presence in NZ has been fairly limited – until me and my quest to get better supplies and resources came along that is!

Echidna Sewing in New Zealand

In July 2017, I started the NZ Machine Embroidery Addicts Facebook Group  with the intent of collecting NZ based machine embroiderers from around New Zealand for the purpose of making friends with like minded people and also sharing ideas and inspiration. 

I started monthly catch ups in Auckland for those who would like to get together and inspire each other.   

In November 2018 I organized an end of year event – which started as a small group sew along at my house and evolved into a day session with Gary Walker, the owner of Echidna Sewing at Brother NZ offices in central Auckland.  The day was a fantastic learning experience for everyone and also launched Echidna’s stronger presence into NZ as a Brother NZ dealer as well as my new role as Echidna Sewing’s NZ Manager.

With a focus on the ever changing world of sewing and machine dealers we decided to do things a bit differently in NZ.  New Zealand is one of these amazing places with more and more people moving to smaller towns and more rural locations so opening a store in every town would be an almost impossible feat.  As much as I like to toot my own horn and take on impossible dreams – that would be WAY too much for me to be able to manage and we would still potentially not reach everyone!

So we’re getting creative here, supporting one small local group of machine embroiderers isn’t enough for me, I want all the people who feel isolated to be able to connect and have the support they need with their embroidery machines and supplies too.  

It’s all still an ever evolving business, but in short I am here to connect NZ customers with their favourite embroidery products and help support them – no matter where in NZ they are!

I also help managed Echidna Sewing’s New Zealand Facebook Page, their Facebook Community Group and organize the NZ based events (which will hopefully become a regular occurrence in NZ – check out the events page for the latest events in your area). 

If you’d like to get in touch with me for support, to purchase something specific or even just to say hi and make a new connection – feel free to email me anytime on